If you need to visit us for lunch or dinner with your family and/or loved ones please let us know in advance and make your table reservation so we get to serve you better. To avoid dissapointments to our customers we work on reservations only. 
To make a table reservation for lunch or dinner please fill the form below or contact us via WhatsApp icon link provided in this website.

You will need to advise us on:
1. The Date
2. Number of pax (adults + kids)
3. Make a table reservation advance payment for the meals;

1. TZS 20,000/= per person seated on the table. This will be applicable if you want to order Meals on arrival,  OR
2. Make your meals order for the whole table and pay for the meals in advance. 

This amount (20,000 per person) will be deducted in your meals bill while settling.  
4. Tell us your Expected Arrival time.

When the above steps are complete then your table reservation is confirmed. 
Please check Our Menu to see a variety of meals from our kitchen. A wine list is also available in Our Menu page. 

All meals can be ordered on arrival. Please note that our meals preparation time takes long; from 90 - 120 mins, so please arrive in good time so that you can make your order in advance.


For groups bigger than 10pax where ordering from our menu is tidious and time consuming please chat with us via WhatsApp and we will help you picking the best packages for group. 
We do host all types of small events from birthday parties, anniversaries,  engagements, graduation, etc. 

Please let us know if you need 
- To bring your own decorator
- To bring your cameraman
There is a small charge for this. 

External Music will NOT be allowed!
Our place is quite and cool so we would like to keep it that way. Our customer profile prefer our current ambiance the most. We have our own music which is enough for all our clients but not noisy kind of. 


This is a separate service for our non-resident customers and we charge as follows:
Kids  (Less than 13yrs) = TZS 10,000/=
Adults ( From 13yrs and above)= TZS 15,000/=

Please note that kids of all ages are charged 
No swimming towels provided for outside customers. You are advised to bring your own swimming towels.

Please note: Swimming services is provided to our table reservation customers  only.  Swimming services is NOT PROVIDED as a stand alone service. 
Hotel resident customers have FREE access to swimming pool. 


1. The reservation advance you pay is Non-refundable and can be used for meals only not other services.
2. No any kind of food or drinks are allowed in . If you find that our menu above does not include your favorite drink please let us know before your reservation date and we will make an effort to include it in our menu. 
3. All weekends and public holidays we work on reservations only. Please call us before you visit to avoid disappointments. 
4. Security 
Depending on the number of people we are holding on a certain date there will be a security check at the gate for all luggage and handbags  to make sure that we are all safe. Weapons are not allowed at our place. 
Please remember that we reserve the right of admission so if you are uncomfortable being checked we won't allow you in.

Please make your reservation payment via ;


(VODACOM) 5655128 
Name: Posto Bella Resort